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Customer Unit Has 2 Distinct ADDR IDs

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I have a list of thousands of customers that contain 2 distinct ADDR numbers, which means when I export address fields (street, city, region, postal code, country, etc.) I will have 2 records for the same customer.


Customer 123 will show up twice, usually with identical addresses, but the only difference will be the ADDR ID.

One of the ADDR IDs is expired, and it is causing lots of issues when performing mass maintenance activities. I am able to delete the expired ADDR ID in SAP GUI, which seems to solve my problem.

However I am unable to mass delete multiple expired ADDR IDs from thousands of customers. I thought I would be able to accomplish this by exporting ADDR IDs using "BUT020", then marking the expired ID for deletion in my spreadsheet, finally uploading the report in "Start Mass Processing".

The error I am getting is : "deletion not allowed for "technical link table for addresses" (but020) or one of its children"

I have tried the same thing by exporting fields from the ADRC table, but I get the same error.

Any idea how I can go about mass deleting an ADDR ID via Start Mass Processing?

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