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Hello All,

Stuck with a big problem, By mistake, we migrated the customers from ECC to MDG without changing number range configuration. So in MDG customers are created with the same number but the corresponding business partner number was created with different numbers. Now one of our teammates tried to delete the bp's using BUPA_DEL .

But even after deleting the BP's the link between customer and business partner which is maintained via PARTNER_GUID in table CVI_CUST_LINK is not getting deleted. So that we cannot able to create new bp's with correct number range.

How do I delete the GUID's in the table CVI_CUST_LINK and what will the impact in the future??


Charan Chandan

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

Hi charanchandan,

This scenario you are mentioning sounds like a mess. For analysing, we would be requiring logs & also if someone has to check how much deep trouble you are into, then that person might require to login in your system. So, its better to raise a OSS so that, someone from SAP can login in your system to verify provided suggestions/solutions.

Solutions that I can think in your current scenario, given your above description,

1. Try having create a different client & then copy the required changes to that new client which is indeed a very big process

2. Please check out SAP Note: 974504, 2601760

3. Check table BD001 following below,

4. Last process, is go with traditional Migration fallback options, like backup restore & start from back-date details



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