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Customer Engagement apps / roles within SAP S/4 Utilites

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I have a S/4 Utilities on premise with the stand of late 2021, which already is supposed to contain the customer engagement apps and roles, so e.g. Agent Desktop UI5 app within the role S4C_UT_IC, at least as far I understood it from SAP Help:

I wasnt able to find this role neither in the pfcg, nor in the SAP fiori apps reference library. Where can I find any technical information on running this on premise, e.g. prerequisites, required components etc? Why is this app not within the SAP library, it isnt supported any longer? I have searched for "Agent Desktop", maybe I have missed something?

I ran through diverse documents provided from SAP like migration guides, SAP Help documentation etc. and didnt found any answers. Im not interested in migrating BP's, contract data etc, I dont want to have any interaction with SAP cloud, all I wanna do is take a shallow look to corresponding fiori applications to have a rough idea if they are suitable to replace old good CIC. Thanks

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Thank you very much @katrin_frenzel, this helped me a lot. I went through the links you have provided and can recommend to check on same problem:

dont be fooled if the website says this content not accessible, its just behind a paywall and you gonna need a paid S-user to be able to read the documentation.

However, if you are not in the mood for excessive searching, reading countless SAP help pages, cookbookes, guides etc. there is a simple answer to my question: these applications are available with activating the business feature IU_CMS4_ENTERPRISE_EDITION by use of CRM_ISU_FEATURE. Beware, this one needs a separate licensing and business function activation cant be reverted afaik. There are several customizing and integrating options, I didnt tryed everything and will check it in detail as soon all prerequisites are done. What I still didnt understood is the logic to exclude these applications from the SAP fiori app library. Those are indeed not based on UI5, but this doesnt seems to be a criteria for SAP, since many SAP-web-gui-with-a-Fiori-tile applications e.g. are also included, Im probably still missing something. Since here I have always assumed as soon an application has a Fiori tile and is reachable from FLP, it counts as such and is part of the public app library catalog, I must be wrong.

So, summarizing this and keeping my main goal in mind, shallow evaluating the customer engagement center, this here has strong parallels to Homer's Odyssey imho. Based on my current knowledge stand Im expecting it to take weeks of work and significant financial investments (licensing, activation of business functions and system restore afterwards, customizing etc) to be able to answer a relatively simple question. Im not quite sure I choosed the best proceeding, but this was the only option I was aware. Another hint I got: as I was told by a colleague an alternative to customer engagement could be SAP sales and service cloud, I will try to compare those both solutions. If somebody had some thoughts or experience on this, it would be very welcome