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Custom form maintenance ByD


Hi all,

Im hoping this is a simple one.

I have created a custom form for a custom object following these steps

Now each time I want to change my form I have to go into cloud application studio, open the form, then chek in, activate, and finaly deploy configuration. Its a grueling process and so much time is wasted.

The question: Is there a way to edit my custom form the same way I usually edit all other standard forms by going to the Application and user management -> Form Template Maintenance screen and then uploading just the changed XDP file ?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Josip,

Yes, you can perform the same steps on the Form Template Maintenance screen which you already do for the standard forms, but the only difference is that you would need to log in with your developer user in order to change the custom form on the UI.




Thank you very much Thiago, this will save me a lot of time 🙂


Hey Thiago,
I tried your suggestion and it worked. Thank you.

Can you give any hints about version differences between BYD System and the depending solution?
Is there any write-back to the PDI solution?

Imagine the case that I have uploaded version 1.1 of the custom template via BYD system (with PDI user in form template maintenance) and after that there is a change in the PDI solution (that has still version 1.0 of the form template) and I need to deploy this in the productive tenant. Am I right that the version 1.1 will be overwritten?

Kinde regards

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