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Custom Fields and Logic -- APS_CUSTOM_FIELD_MAINTENANCE_SRV -- 500 Internal Server Error

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Hi,  I tried to add some custom fields to an existing ui5 application using Custom Fields and Logic Application (CF&L) . When I add the field i am getting a time out error .please help me resolve the issue.

1.  I opened the (CF&L) app and  added a code list to EHFND_TASK_DEFINITION .


2. When i click on create in the backend there is a OData call made to the service sap/opu/odata/sap/APS_CUSTOM_FIELD_MAINTENANCE_SRV/$batch? and an 500 error is recieved


3. I checked the Service in the Gateway Client and it is loading the metadata well . I also Ran the Same Post Query with the same payload that was sent from the Browser. 


I am getting the message as 


<message>Operation failed. Report an incident on component BC-SRV-APS-EXT-FLD.</message>

Thanks for all the help and your time.






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