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Custom Analysis Path Framework Application Tile creation

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Dear Experts,

I'm working on Analysis Path Framework custom application & getting some issues. So need your valuable suggestions to rectify the issue. I have 2 scenarios & find the details  mentioned below.

Scenario 1 :

1. I have created the APF configuration using APF modeler and used the standard semantic object FioriApplication in APF configuration and created the tile by mentioning same semantic object and default action executeAPFConfiguration using Smart business Integration.

2. Added the tile to my test group using KPI catelog /UI2/SAP_KPIFRW5_TC_R.

3. It worked well and opened the application with out any issue.

4. I have then added the tile to other group which was assigned to proper test user. I have got navigation target error while opening the tile in other user login.

Scenario 2 :

I suspected it might be some issue with semantic objects and action since it is my custom APF application, I have done the below changes.

1. I have created new custom semantic object in SPRO and used that semantic object in Tile App launcher and created the tile.

2. Updated same semantic object in APF modeler configuration as well.

3. Updated the new semantic object and actions correctly in KPI evaluation and tile configurations.

4. I have got the target mapping error which is mentioned below even when i try to open the tile in my login now.

Failed to resolve navigation target: #ZDaysSalesOutstanding-analyzeDSO?chipId=57119B4CE26EA2B2E1000000C706B150&evaluationId=Z.fiori.kpi.cpf.dso.Last12Months&sap-apf-configuration-id=57119A12E26EA2B2E1000000C706B150&sap-system=HANA&tileType=NT - Could not resolve link 'ZDaysSalesOutstanding-analyzeDSO?chipId=57119B4CE26EA2B2E1000000C706B150&evaluationId=Z.fiori.kpi.cpf.dso.Last12Months&sap-apf-configuration-id=57119A12E26EA2B2E1000000C706B150&sap-system=HANA&tileType=NT' sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2.Shell.controller

5. I have not created  any entries in Target mappings in app launcher since it is KPI based application and i don't have any BSP application URL & components.

Can you please let me know whether am i missing some thing in the setup to open the custom APF based application.


Naveen Veshala

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Hi Naveen,

first of all, you can use the APF generic runtime to launch an APF configuration that you created using the  APF Configuration modeler. When you want to launch an APF application from a Smart Business KPI tile, it is perfectly fine to use FioriApplication and executeAPFConfiguration in the navigation section of the KPI tile creation screen.

Now, if you want to assign your tile to other users you need to make sure to not only assign the group/catalog of the KPI tile but to assign the role/ catalog for the generic runtime as well.

Depending on your system landscape (SAP Business Suite powered by SAP Hana or S/4 Hana) you have to assign the following catalog/role  to the user:

SAP Business Suite powered by SAP Hana: Catalog SAP_APF_RT_TC_A / Role SAP_APF_RT_TCR_A (see also

S/4 Hana:catalog SAP_CA_BC_APF_EXECUTION (see also

Best regards,