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Currency Translation

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hi guyz,

I want convert the values in the report from EUR to INR but there is only one currency translation type available for INR in the local query properties in business explorer, when using the same its not getting converted to INR.

when i investigated, the currency translation type used in this conversion was IN01 with no reference currency.

Also, in the system there is no exchange rate maintained between EUR to INR  and EUR to USD in type IN01 but we have maintained between USD to INR.

hence we have two options over:

1. to maintain exchange rate between EUR to INR in type IN01.

2. to maintain exchange rate between EUR to USD and maintain USD as the reference currency in type IN01.

let me know your thoughts.

Attached screenshot for reference.

Please guide how to proceed.



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Answers (3)

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Go through these two documents thoroughly to achieve your requirement.......



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There are two ways to do currency conversion at query level

- you can define your own currency conversion type using RSCUR as Sukdev suggested.

- or use the currency currversion available through context menu in Bex (as shown in your screenshot).

For currency conversion, what you need is Source Currency, Target Currency and exchange rate. Exchange rate is not static. therefore, we need to have a date field to get the exchange rate as of that date.

Now using RSCUR, you can define your own date field i.e. date of posting/transaction. If you are using currency conversion through context menu, it will pick the exchange rate as of today.

In either case, you need to maintain exchange rate between EUR > INR or EUR > USD.

Reference Curreny field must be the currency associated with KF.

Regards, Gaurav

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Use Tx Code RSCUR to create currency conversion type. Please refer the screenshot:

You can also create an variable from BEx for currency conversion and use it ib RSCUR on tab 'Exchange Rate' or use Fixed source currency to Fixed Target currency.