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cumulative KeyFigure on AMDP BW-Transformation

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my requirement is to create a cumulative KeyFigure on AMDP, which shows balance (INVD_VAL) of month for a Customer and cumulative Balance (ZCUMINVCD) per end of the year.

How can I calculate a cumulative amount key figure per year on amdp?

my codes like this;


when i tried this code, i got false cumulative values on BI.

Result :

if i tried to on SQL, i got true Cumulative Value.



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Hi Sascha,

I was wondering whether the data are correct in LISTCUBE.

If it is correct in LISTCUBE and not correct in query, I suppose you could add tag "BW Analytic Engine (OLAP)" here.

I suppose you may want to check following wiki for more information: LISTCUBE

Best regards,


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Hi Tibbie,

thanks for your Comment. i guess, its script issue..


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