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Crystal Reports Does not work with BLOB data (Image - Varbinary) - JDBC - SQL Server

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We have an image stored in SQL Server Version 2012 and that needs to be displayed in a crystal report through a JDBC Driver.

This is NOT working with Microsoft JDBC Driver.

Environment used:

1.     OS: XP OR Windows Server 2012

2.     SQL Server version : SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012.

3.      JDK Version 7 - Update 10.

4.     JDBC Driver : Ver 4 downloaded form

5.     A simple  Table structure as follows.


This is not working on Crystal Reports Viewer 2011 as well.

Not working meaning, i am not able to see the picture.

Within the report the field is seen as String.

The same field works fine if I use other drivers like JTDS 1.3. But JTDS driver has other bug that prevents us from using the same.

Any Help is appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raghavan,

What is the version of Crystal Reports designer being used.What is the size of images held by this blob field.Does it show up correctly in some other application than Crystal Reports.

If there is no specific dependence on using JDBC, is there a chance to test this with Crystal Reports 2008/11 on SQL Server 2008 and OLEDB / ODBC connection using the SQL Server Native Client 10.0 driver.

Alternatively,dynamic linked OLE objects can be used to pick up the images from a local/network folder-file path. Information about this will be available in the Crystal Reports 'Help' menu.



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Thanks for your reply.

We are using CR 2011 IDE and images of all sizes and types like JPG, gif and png were tried. But no fruitful result.   However, when we modified the driver to MS JDBC driver (ver 4). It started working.

It is not an embedded object but a plain image placed in the report like affixing a company logo / stamp/ signature dynamically.

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One additional Info, who ever is trying to use MS JDBC, with images. These images would work only if the datatype (SQL type) is defined as image and not as varbinary (as used in JTDS driver).

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Thanks Raghavan for sharing this information. Could you close this thread as answered (by yourself).


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Thanks for your reply,

Not sure how to close the thread

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Don't worry, you've already closed the thread by marking it as Answered.



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