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crystal reports 7 or 8 software

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Hello, I need help from you. I have my crystal reports designed in crystal reports 6 or 7, I am unable to edit or update those reports using latest version(2008).

Kindly help me, how to get version 6 or 7 or 8.



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I really doubt you will be able to obtain CR 6, 7 or 8 anymore.

Why are you not able to edit or update those reports? Errors? Behavior? Symptoms?

- Ludek

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I have revived errors, if i modify reports using latest version.

To give u back ground of this problem, we have an GUI application built with MFC. All reports modules are built with CRPM32 lib.

which is available on cry 6.0, if we change the format of RPT file with latest one application and DLL's are not supporting.

another option would be we need to change lb and code to compatible with latest version. which is huge effort.

Please suggest where can i get crystal 6.0. else any one can help me just do some modification on rpt file on crystal 6.0

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Considering that you are using a technology that is 10+ years old, best suggestion I'd have is to update your application to currently supported Crystal Reports and SDKs.

The issue with the reports is that the formats of the reports changed in CR 9 and thus your app will not be able to read reports created post version 8.5 of Crystal reports.

Your application is using the Windows Print Engine APIs and these were retired in version 9 of Crystal Reports.

I really do not know if you can still obtain version 7 or 8 of Crystal Reports, but calling sales to see what they can offer will be the other way to go. In summary, as I see it, your options are:

1) Update to current technologies

2) Stay 10+ years back - given that you can still obtain those versions of Crystal Reports.

Phone number for sales:


As this thread concerns legacy SDKs I will move it to the Legacy SDK forum.


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