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Crystal Reports 2020 Server - SMTP SSL Certificate problems

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We use a 3rd party smtp server for our current BI server for scheduling reports and alerts. We are currently testing Crystal Reports Server to replace the current software we are using - but major snag is the email destination for scheduling.

server name

port 587



use SSL


Error because we don't have a certificate (in PSE???? format???) in a particular directory. It seems I cannot send mail at all without this certificate and a full day of GOOGLE has not brought me closer. Mind you, we use this set up on scanners, fax machines, sql servers, phone systems and on and on - which works just fine. I haven't even been able to discern if the certificate file (not in a certificate format that I'm aware of - because we HAVE certificates for our company) is supposed to be OUR certificate or the certificate of the 3rd party smtp server and if it is to be theirs how would we obtain a certificate of their company? I did use openssl to their server which apparently gave me 2 certificates - and alas supposedly there should be 3. Then I did find some incomplete posts on combining them (3 though and I don't have 3) and then converting them to CER files in a particular format and then from there combining into a CRT file - which then still isn't a PSE file. I found a program called sapgenpse.exe that is supposed to somehow help - but I could not discern how.

All help I have found from SAP is vague (we are Concur users so I am used to this - and wondering how I got here looking at possibly adding another layer of SAP to my life). Basically it says put your certificate.pse file in this directory and that is all you have to do!!!! If only I knew what the pse file was, if only I knew where to get it, if I only knew how to create it. Must you be a certificate and SAP expert already in order to be able to use something such as smtp credentials that are secure for sending mail via scheduled reports in Crystal Reports Server 2020?

If there is anyone out there that can treat me as a toddler (I will NOT be offended even though I have been an IT professional for 30+ years) and walk me through what I need to do in order to get our email destination working I would be forever greatful!!!

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Answers (2)

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Yes I saw that answer - the accepted answer is not an answer at all in my mind. It suggests just using port 25 to send mail - most smtp mail servers do not allow port 25 (and for good reason) we can't use that with Mimecast. I thought I was on the right track with the last answer, but using openssl I could only get 2 certificates for Mimecast (not 3) I tried saving the certificates I did have in the format suggested and combined them etc, however, I believe these answers were for Crystal Server 2016, which apparently would look for certificate.crt file - Crystal reports 2020 apparently looks for certificate.pse - and I have not found what that format is, how to create it or convert it.

I contacted SAP to ask if we can get help during our trial - they said that the only help available during trial is through the community and that once we purchase the product then we would have support to help.

We are purchasing the product so hopefully we can get support for this issue.

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Hi Melanie, there are a couple of suggestions that are in this in the accepted answer and one later down in the comments. Hopefully one of these works for you.