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Crystal Reports 2011 Prompt Not Working in IE

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We are trying to upgrade from the BObj 3.1 to the BI4 environment (SP 6). Our 3.1 use was limited - we put into production a few dozen Crystal 2008 reports several years ago. While that went relatively smoothly our conversion to CR 2011 on the BI4 platform has not gone smoothly.

We make our reports available using the SAP federated portal structure, users do not access the BI4 LaunchPad. SAP Business Objects document viewer iViews are built on the producer portal and then synched to the consumer portal. The CR 2011 reports are all built on SAP BW queries (NW 7.02, SP12).

Some of us are having difficulty getting the reports to run in IE, both IE9 and IE10. When the CR 2011 reports are executed from the SAP Enterprise Portal the Open Document window appears and then the parameter entry window is presented. The parameter window contains the BW variables. When the picklist is selected one of two errors occurs:

1. No matching entries
2. An error has occurred: java.lang.NullPointerException

Sometimes the parameter window will open without the parameters and will contain the java.lang.NullPointerException error.

When the reports are executed from the Launchpad by the administrators picklists are presented wthout problem. Execution of these reports using Firefox also works.

Can you offer some help in fixing this problem in IE? Thanks for looking at this.

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try running them in compatibility mode in IE..