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crystal reports 10 silent (un)install

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So, I have a server with Ghost on it to deploy images and software. I'm trying right now to deploy CR10 on a dozen of clients on the network. I can successfully install CR10 on them remotely using the MSI and the /q switch. But, I tried to use the Install.INI file that I have found on the internet to do a silent install with certain parameters (Mainly the License key). Despite trying everything I could think of, I still can't use the .ini file or any other type of files like .xml. I can't find any other information so I'm requesting your help.

Also I can't seem to do a silent uninstall using the MSI. It would be great if you had any info regarding this too.

Thanks for your help guys.

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Hi Amin,

Ah yes, I was thinking about the new install mechanism, it uses an INI file to specify all propereties.

Problem is with CR 10 it's been out of support for a long time and I don't recall the options now but I do recall they were options of MSIExec that you had to enable on a command line.

Unfortunately none of those documents exist any more so I don't know... The Doc/info would have "silent install" in the title

Maybe someone out there still has it....


PS - I found this for CR 8, it may work, I don't think we changed anything until the new redist packaging:

Silent Install Instructions Seagate Crystal Reports 8



In other words run the command, wait a while and see if it worked. If you are the nervous sort you can use Task Manager to watch the processes; when the MSIEXEC processes stop using resources then the install is complete.


msiexec /i \\mycomputer\mylocation\scr.msi /qr PIDKEY=XX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX INSTALLLEVEL=X /l*v D:\test.log


FROM NETWORK SHARE, typical with logging:

msiexec /i \\happyuser\scrcdimage\scr.msi /qr PIDKEY=6M-0000Y4U-OK68002-0000000 INSTALLLEVEL=3 /l*v D:\test.log

This means install from the machine "happyuser" which has a copy of the CD in the directory "scrcdimage". Use the /qr command to make it an install that shows our dialogs but requires no UI. The product keycode from the back of the CD is 6M-0000Y4U-OK68002-0000000 . The installlevel is "3" a typical install. Write a verbose install log to D drive.

FROM CD-ROM DRIVE, complete:

where "d:\" is a CD drive containing our CD:

msiexec /i d:\scr.msi /qr PIDKEY=6M-0000Y4U-OK68002-0000000 INSTALLLEVEL=1000



msiexec /x \\mycomputer\mylocation\scr.msi /qr


msiexec /x \\happyuser\scrcdimage\scr.msi /qr /l*v D:\unintest.log

File control:

there is no file specific control beyond what was set in the OEM build (or over the counter CD). You have a choice of Typical or Complete. There is no Custom option in a silent install.


INSTALLLEVEL=1000 - complete


1) MicroSoft Installer SDK is already installed on the machine.

MSI is part of the Windows 2000 OS so if Win2K this is a no brainer.

On earlier operating systems, it is not available by default but it is on our CD. If you need to install it:

Window 9* run instmsi.exe from the root of the CD

WINNT run instmsiw.exe from the root of the CD

2) It is best if the files in the Redist folder on the CD are run first (or the most recent versions of these files from Microsoft)

3) It is necessary to have an appropriate amount of space on the local drive as per the requirements in the documentation on the drive where your program files directory resides.

Sample command line install

msiexec /i \\mycomputer\mylocation\scr.msi /qr PIDKEY=XX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX INSTALLLEVEL=X /l*v D:\test.log

What the pieces mean....

msiexec /i - msiexec is the exe that runs the install

/imeans to install

/xmeans uninstall

\\mycomputer\mylocation\scr.msi - path and filename for our installation file.

/qr - quiet install, no UI

PIDKEY=XX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX - keycode from back of CD case.

INSTALLLEVEL=X - decide between complete or typical install


INSTALLLEVEL=1000 - complete

install level is optional, the default is typical install

/l*v D:\test.log - this tells the install to log all its actions as well as the path and filename for the log file.This also is optional but does make debugging any problem much easier

Sample of uninstall

msiexec /x \\mycomputer\mylocation\scr.msi /qr

does exactly the same but in the opposite direction without the log file...

For more information see:



If /qn option is specified, if a user tries to view the Help \ About informationnothing will happen.This only happens if an administrator launches the silent install and a user is running CRW32,EXE. What is happening is thatSCR 8 (CRW32.EXE) cannot load C2SUPPRT.DLL; it is happening because the user only has READ access to a related registry key.This can be fixed by using REGEDT32 to change the permissions of the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Seagate Software\Registration\UserProfile

The silent install with the “/qn” option sets this to READ the correct value is: FULL CONTROL for the group EVERYONE

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look in install guide :

it has section on silent install.

Don't use someone elses xml file. Hit the F1 key and search for Silent install and it's will explain how to do it for your version of CR.


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Thanks a ton guys, I'm going to try it out.

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When I go to CR10 and look in the help window for Silent install, I find nothing. There is no topic about it.