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Crystal Report 2020 License able generate QR code

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Dear all,

I wish to purchase Crystal Report 2020. Before that, i need to confirm that Crystal Report 2020 able to generate QR code as i read through the blogspot: Generate QR code in Crystal Report 2016 - SAP Q&A, it state:

"That user manual is for the Enterprise version of Crystal Reports.

The regular version doesn't support QR Codes unless you add 3rd-party ufl."

Please recommend us the sap product which able generate QR code.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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My developer used Google to generate the code and embedded this into crystal..

Under graphic location this was coded.

stringVar QRFormat;
stringVar QRwidth;
stringVar QRheight;
stringVar QRText;
stringVar QRURI;

QRFormat := 'UTF-8';
QRwidth := '325';
QRheight := '325';
QRText := '' + {Command.ItemCode}+ '.html';

QRURI := ''+QRFormat+'&chs='+QRWidth+'x'+QRHeight+'&chl='+QRText;

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As noted, CR 2020 does not include a UFL that supports QR codes.