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cross calculations with BW4 live data model


If we have many measures in a Model (BW4 and live), it would be handy to do cross calculations over them, in order to avoid calculating the same thing multiple times. correct?

Lets say we have 10 measures and for all of them we want to calculate the e.g. deltaPY, deltaMTD-PY, in absolute and percentage and some more other calculations.

I understand that cross calculations would be a nice option here. But how to do this with live data? We see no option for this.

Thanks and best




Cross Calculations are supported with acquired (data import) models and with HANA Live models. One option could be to use HANA View on top of your ADSO ( and then use cross calculations on top. Another option is to build for example 2 structure query on the BW side that would have the information of deltaPY, deltaMTD-PY, etc.

If you are ok to do the data import in SAC model, you could then also use cross calculations on top. I'm aware data import brings another layer of complexity into the game, but then again, there are also some benefits that you get with "acquired" approach, such as using of planning engine to do powerful what-if simulations, full support of ML capabilities (Smart Insights, Search to Insight, Smart Discovery, Smart Predict), etc.

I hope this helps.



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