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We are working on CRM implementation project and basically my role in this project is to

deliver BW reports to Portal guy in this project. Currently am facing a problem in loading data

from CRM. I have to create a report on Case Management. For this i have installed standard ODS

related to this from Business Content. I have also installed other objects like Update Rules, Infosource,

Infopackage etc. Now when i execute a infopackage it doesnt throw any error but fetches 0 records. The

status message shown in Monitor window of Infopackage is "No data available".

Am unable to determine if my infopackage is targeting correct table in CRM. As i am working on CRM-BW

first time i am not aware of how to tackle this problem.

Can you please guide me on how should i proceed?

Below are the details of Objects i have activated for my purpose.



CRM Case with Linked Objects (0CRM_CMGL)

Case Management: Linked Objects for Case (0CSM_LINK)


Case Management: CRM-Specific Attributes (0CRM_CASE_ATTR)

Case Management: Linked Objects for Case (0CSM_CASE_LINKS)

I tried to execute infopackages created on datasource 0CRM_CASE_ATTR.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI suresh,

At first check whether the data is available in CRM.

if you r able to see the green light indicator in monitor window, it means the data has been successfully loaded that means no error from the bw side.

so the problem may be at the CRM side. First see whether the data present in CRM side. Also check the

data present in PSA.

let me know the details

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