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Creating user with LDAP Intergrated

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Hi Guys,

I just sync with LDAP with SAP (ABAP) and its came out nicely.But there's still some questions about how to use this (FYI, the LDAP Server are the leading systems) :

- How to create a new user from SAP, is it SU01 or from LDAP tcode?

- As for mapping , do I need to run the RSLDAPSCHEMAEXT on SE38 if LDAP Server is the leading system? Our LDAP server are running on Tivoli

- If I have to create user from tcode LDAP, do I need to put these syntax: dn=,cn=,sn=...etc?

Thank You in return

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You can use SU01 or U can create the user in LDAP not using LDAP tocde.Yuo can create the user in LDAP directory and then sync the users by running the report.