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Creating Letters with CR

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Our team uses version 11 of CR.  We utilize it for a few use cases, however, one has been very inefficient.  We provide self-storage software for independently owned storage facilities.  We create lease agreements with CR for our customers.  They send over their contract and we enter it into CR.  We cannot copy and paste the contract into CR, we have to "re-type" the entire letter/contract into CR.  This is very time consuming.  Does anyone have a better method to complete this process?

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Why are you unable to copy and paste and get it to work?

You would probably not be able to put the whole thing into a single text block because some of it may need to go into different sections, but you should be able to paste in the bulk of it.

To do this, you place an empty text block on the report and make it as wide as the page.  Right-click on the text block, select "Format Object" (or the equivalent...), turn on "Can Grow" and click on OK.  Finally, copy the text from your client, double-click in the text block, and paste the text in.  If you need to have fields from your data in the middle of the text, just drag the correct field into the text block to the place where it should appear in the text.

Finally, version 11 has been out of support for almost 20 years, as has its SDK.  You may want to consider upgrading your reports and application to something newer where the security issues from the old version have been fixed.