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Creating Custom Fiori App for Manage Purchasing Info Record using Developer Extensibility

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Dear Experts,

I would like to create custom Fiori app for Manage Purchasing Info Record app of S4Hana cloud using Developer Extensibility (CDS views of Eclipse ABAP development tools).

And there are some difficulties encountered in developing this custom Fiori app.

1. "Supplier does not exists" error keeps occurring if the value selected from the custom app is used because it only has length 8.

Standard value length of Supplier field is 10.


So, it is ok if fixed value is used in the logic by adding leading zeros up to length 10.


Is there any entity that have length 10 automatically in CDS Views or is there any way to fix this error?

In metadata extension, I used the following entity and entity name for this selection.


2. Although creating Purchasing Info Record using custom Fiori app is ok, updating is not ok because from ABAP logic, I cannot get Info Record Number that is system auto-generated.

I need to use this Info Record Number as key in Update Entity ABAP logic.



So, I would like to ask that if is there any way to update Purchasing Info Record without using Purchasing Info Record Number or is there any way (logic) to get Purchasing Info Record Number?

If there is any unclear point in my questions, please ask me for details.

Thank You.

Best Regards,

Aye Chan






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