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Creating aggregate based on plan cube

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For the standard baisc cube, we can use the aggregate to improve the query performacne.

and when the new request comes, it will be ready for reading only after this request is rolled up to aggregate.

Now I create a aggregate and do the initialzation fill-up for this aggregate, all the requests with green status have been rolled up to the aggregate. There is no any problem.

but I get one quesion here, for the most updated request, it is usally with yellow status because this cube is ready for input. and this yellow request can not be rolled up to aggregate until it is turned to green. But from our testing, the query can read the required data from both the aggregate and this yellow request. that's to say, it seems the query based on this plan cube can summarize the data from both the aggregate and this yellow request.

Is there anyone can confirm our testing is correct and it is the specific property of the plan cube?

Many Thanks


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jonathan,

the OLAP processor knows whether requests are already contained in an aggregate or not; depending on the actualdata setting (cf. note 1136163) the query also is able to read data from the yellow request; this is automatically the case for input ready queries.

In fact, even the OLAP cache may be involved to read the data, cf. note 1138864 for more details.



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