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Create data in sql through Webdynpro

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We wish to store data in SQL and refer to this persistance in a webdynpro applciation.

Is this possible, and if so how.

Please advise,

Arun Jagroop

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Answers (3)

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Hi arun,

You can do it by using SQLJ/JDBC concepts in WebDynpro.

First you have to create DataSource/Driver for that DB using Visual Admininstrator as VA/server0/services/jdbc connectors/datasource,Drivers.

Then u can create a WebModule Application that reference that datasouce alies name and by getting connection with that db.

Then u can process by normal JDBC concepts(getconnection,getstatement,query processing) or by using SQLJ concepts(Getting context,Iterators,query Processing).

Finally use that module in your Webdynpro Application..



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Hi, yes it is possible.

I can think of the following options:

1. Access database directly from Web Dunpro application.

2. Create EJB with database acess and consume it in Web Dynpro using EJB Model.

3. Create Configuration Model and access the database from there.

I would use 1 solution only for testing purpose, but 2 and 3 solution is absolutly valid.

Database access can be implemented using JDBC,JSQL,or EJB-SQL technologies.