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Create a number of Dynamic Charts based on "Work Centre" in BEx Workbook?

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Hi all,

We are on BI 7.0

I am trying to create a number of dynamic charts in a BEx workbook based on the different values of "Work Centre" so that each unique work centre has its own chart.

All titles and descriptions would have to be dynamic based on the work centre.

I.e If there are 20 work centres we would need 20 charts. 30 work centres 30 charts etc.

Also to add a little more complexity we need to only show a chart if a key figure (Demand Hrs) has a value greater than ZERO.

Would be very grateful and would assign generous points for a solution.

This needs to be done in a BEx workbook.

Thanks in advance,

Steve Jones

BI Consultant

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not clear with the question. Do you want 20 charts in a same/different sheet with each having different work center or do you want one chart in which you can change the filter for 20 work center?

Create 20 data provider for same query in workbook and keep each in one in sheet and select the filter value (Work center) for all 20 data providers.

Create one chart and keep workcenter in either drop down list or in filter. User will select the workcenter which he want and can see the charts based on work center.

Please let me know if you need further clarification.



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The number of charts relates to the number of work centres which is dynamic and depends what is in the cube.

So the number of work centres can change. I am looking to create a chart for each of these work centre.

The number of charts will fluctuate to the number of work centres.

I also need to create dynamic titles, axis etc.

Also is it possible to only show a work centre if its key figure (Demand Hours) is greater than ZERO.

Thanks in advance,



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The only possible way you can have a work around is with help of VB macros.

The logic would be simple: Have a VB Script to check the varying work centres from the report. Then for each work centre check for demand hrs greater than zero. Then you can go with a for or while loop to create the graphs as per needed.

Take help of VB Script expert for this if needed. Also if you want to work around for yourself you can check the record marco functionality of the excel. VB Script Macro is your only way out and as in your case youu2019re using workbook, this satisfies your need.



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