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crdb_dao.dll could not be loaded message in Crystal 11

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Post Author: MikeA-ICE

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We have an application that uses to Crystal 11 viewer to display, print and export Crystal 11 reports. I've installed this on numerous machines with no problems but I have one of our in house users who tried running a Crystal 11 report that we ship with our program get a message that says that the file crdb_dao.dll could not be loaded. After searching the web for references to this file, it appears that it was a Crystal 9 or earlier file that is no longer used in Crystal 11. (I base that on the fact that I don't have it on my machine which has Crystal 9 and Crystal 11 installed and I authored the report in question in Crystal 11 and I have not had any such problem.) Does anyone have any ideas why she might be getting this message? We do have an option to use Crystal 6, Crystal 9, or Crystal 11 reports in our program but she has the Crystal 11 option checked and I watched her install the Crystal 11 Merge program which loads the viewer. It installed flawlessly. Help!!


Mike A - MC²

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Was there ever a reply to this message?

I am having the same problem. I used VS2008 to create an application that includes Crystal Reports and One Click in VS2008 to create a runtime system to distribute my application. The system installs and runs properly on a 32 bit system but fails to run on a 64 bit system. I get a message on the 64 bit system that says

The data base DLL 'crdb_dao.dll' could not be loaded.

I cannot find the crdb-dao.dll module on the 64 bit system but can find it on the 32 bit system. Can you tell me how to overcome this problem?