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CR 2020//Working with Byte fields

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i just switch from CR2016 to CR2020.

i've got a problem with reports which handles with SQL Byte fields (Actian PSQL DB).
In CR2016 it works correct, but CR2020 don't show me the values (See attached pictures).
I have also tried out with other Applications like Flyspeed SQL, Excel ... they all can show me the Byte Value.
So it cannot be a problem of 64bit ODBC, what was my first idea. I also install the service pack

CR202001P_500-70005715 - doesn't help.

May someone can help me.



Best regards

Andreas Woerner -SysTek GmbH-

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Answers (4)

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What does Crystal 2016 show as the data type for that column?

What happens if you do Database, Verify Database... for that report in Crystal 2020?

What happens if you save the rpt with data in Crystal 2016 and then open it in Crystal 2020? If it previews correctly, that would confirm the issue is data access rather than data render.

One way around the issue may be to create a View and cast that column to another data type.

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in german version the Type is "Zahl" - think in english "Number".

I don't think, that it is an problerm with ODBC - cause all other Apps like FlySpeed SQL, Excel, MS-Query, ... all works fine.

But thanks for yours investigations 🙂

Best regards


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What is the data type shown by Crystal 2016 for that column?

Perhaps there's a registry entry that needs to be set on a different hive for 64-bit connection.
Here is a link to full listing of these tweaks:

They are not well documented. For example, I don't know what the "DontAutoConvertODBC" entry is used for.
But you could investigate what you have under the 32-bit hive and apply the same to the 64-bit hive.

If that doesn't work, then investigate updating the ODBC driver.
If that is a dead-end, you would need to request & wait for a bug fix.
You can open a paid tech support case. I believe that if they recognize it as a bug they refund the fee.

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Thanks for yours answer.

i've also create a new Report within CR2020 - it doesn't work.

If i save thge Report in CR2016 with Data and open it in CR2020, the field is shown 🙂 But this don't solve the problem.

Seems that in CR2020 is some fault.
I think yours workaround will run, but then i must create much views, cause there are much Byte-Fields in the DB in many tables - and much installations at customer side.
So i hope that i can solve that problem inside CR2020..