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CR 2016 for VisualFoxpro application

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We have an desktop application written in Visual FoxPro 9 which uses CR11 to display reports. As our license is expiring, we want to upgrade our reports to latest version version.

Could you please help to find out answers for following questions:

1. Does CR 2016 supports an activeX version of the report viewer, which can be added to a win form?

2. Can reports created in CR11 viewed in CR 2016 viewer (runtime), without editing the reports?

3. If reports created in CR11 cannot be viewed on CR 2016 viewer, how to convert the reports to latest format?

4. Does CR 2016 supports an application object model? We used to create CR 11 object with oCrystal = CREATEOBJECT("CrystalRuntime.Application.11"). However, after installing the CR2016 runtime, I do not see the CrystalRuntime.Application.14 in registry. Also, CrystalRuntime.Application still points to CR11 DLLs.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jilo,

No, there is no ActiveX report designer or viewer as of CR 2008, CR 11.5 was the last one to use it.

Only SDK's now are .NET and Java and RESTful.

You can get CR for VS .NET SDK here:

All CR 11 reports will work fine in current versions, only issue may be the latest DB drivers will need to be updated in the reports, ODBC shoudl be fine but always recommended to test your reports when updating anyways.


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