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Corporate Finance for BW

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Hi guys

Would like to ask for some help and guidance on Corporate Finance Management extraction to BW.

Currently in our R3 system, the Corporate Finance Management module stores securities and loans data. Data such as nominal interest rates and cashflow are available there.

However, when I tried to extract data into BW for reporting, all the data I get is from the Transaction Manager infoarea, which do not contain the interest rates and cashflow data which we require. We are using Business Content for Corporate Finance, and BW version 3.1.

Does anyone here got a guide or help on Corporate Finance extraction to BW? A search on SAP Help and OSS turn out empty, especially on Corporate Finance Management Analyzer infoarea. I do have comprehensive help on Transaction Manager, but not on Analyzer.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Chris,

If SAP is not supplying you with a DataSource from the standard business content, then you will have to write your extracts for BW.

Here are some options:

1) Create some generic DataSource using tcode RSO2

2) Write ABAP extracts to pull the data into a file or XML file, then load the data into BW

3) Create a remote cube in BW to view the data in your BW system.

I prefer option 1 since you get the data into BW using the BW API in R/3 and you can use any of the BW tools to manage and load data within BW. Options 2 and 3 work, but they could have more overhead on R/3 than you want.

Cheers! Bill

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