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Copy/Paste not working on list report fiori elements

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Similarly to the issue opened by nocin here:
I have a Fiori Element application, where the copy button is visible but is also throwing a Failed to drill-down into error when trying to copy an entry:

2023-12-19 12:55:21.624699 Failed to drill-down into (column1='value1',IsActiveEntity=true)/HasDraftEntity, invalid segment: HasDraftEntity - /catalog/tableX?$count=true&$filter=(IsActiveEntity%20eq%20false%20or%20SiblingEntity/IsActiveEntity%20eq%20null)&$select=column2_savedValue,HasActiveEntity,IsActiveEntity,column3,column1&$expand=column2($select=associatedtable,savedValue) sap.ui.model.odata.v4.lib._Cache

Any solution or tips?

Thank you,

Joao Pereira

Edit : I am using @odata.draft.enabled annotation on the entity in question.

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The error log is reporting that a column could not be copied. I guess this is a column/decorator indicating a draft. Other columns will be copied. You can probably ignore it or report to SAP to remove irrelevant columns/logs.