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copy function through POP UP Variables in BI IP

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Dear All,

i have some difficulies implementing a requirment for a KF or acube.

i have created a copy function which should by clicking on the button showing a popup with month, year.

I have created 12 variables for 12 months.

I would like to have the possibility to copy by selecting the year, and the variables from 1 to 12.

How can i solve it?

Thank you for your input:



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Could you plz clarify your requirement ?

Could you provide some example with data structure ?


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Hi Andrey,

thank you for replying.

i will try to clarify what i mean.


1. create a copy button which by clicking on it will show:

a pop variable for year

pop up variables for months 1-12.

i should be able to copy var --->1



another question:

the workbook has 12months that means 12 columns and some some rows. How could i specify i which row the variable should be load?



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If you want to do this in Web environment then it is easy. You should add your a variable which is mandatory and manual input in filter. Then create a planning sequence with this filter and copy function. After you add button group in web application designer, configure button to execute planning sequence and click "Display Variable Screen".

Then you will have a prompt in web asking for year or month after clicking button.


ergin ozturk