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COPA issue in fetching delta records

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We have issue in fetching delta records from 1_CO_PA*.The data source is not set to Time Stamp instead itu2019s a generic delta.

The data loads has completed successfully for two loads on 1st April after that there was table lock due to which next loads fetched only Zero records till 4th April.

While analyzing the issue, by mistake we deleted the two successful loads which have data.

Now the error with table lock is released, but we are missing the data for two data loads which are deleted.

We tried setting the time stamp in KEB5 but as the data source is generic delta its not allowing us to set.

We get the below msg.

Function is not possible because DataSource 1_CO_PA* is defined for generic delta

Time stamp could not be set

Is there any way where we can change the time stamp of that particular copa datasource?

As I donu2019t know which records are missing I canu2019t do the repair full load.


Vijay Malyavantham.

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Answers (2)

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I have the same issue - were you able to figure out how to make the switch?


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Can you define the limits of the data lost by posting date or (yuk) fiiscal period?

In the InfoCube, perform a selective deletions for data in the date range, then a repair full load to replace all the data in the date range.

John Hawk