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Convert root node into xstring

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Hi ,

I have a requirement where I need to convert the root node along with its child nodes into xstring format. I checked a couplthee of methods , but i am unable to get the xstring like we get if we have form ui element in wd abap . I want the similar xstring which contains all the fields in the context.

Any help would be really useful.



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Hi Saujanya,

I'd be very interested to know the reasoning behind the request - serialising of WD - sounds interesting!

Can you not just use the to_xml method of IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE interface? Perhaps I am misunderstanding you, which method of the element are you using to get an XSTRING representation of the element?

I'd guess this (to_xml) only takes the current node, not all the sub nodes - but you could recursively loop around the structure pretty easily if you had a reference to the top level node.

to get all the context attributes instead get the node info - IF_WD_CONTEXT_NODE->GET_NODE_INFO

this then has methods to list all attributes of the node.

If this is not the info you are after, could you please clarify your original request?



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hi Chris,

Thanks alot for your reply.

Actually I was looking out for this method. the requirement has come because it is a third party system which uses the xml for further processing .

The webdynpro is the initial step . it resolved the issue.