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Conversion type for "Unit of Measure"

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Hi Experts.

What is the transaction code to create Conversion type for "Unit of Measure"?

Thanks in advance!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Sapna,

You can check the info here:

SAP Menu > Modeling > Object Maintenance > Unit Conversion Types.

Hope this helps...

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Sapna,

<b>Unit conversions</b>

with NW2004s the HOW-TO GUIDE for qty conversion is obsolete.

As of SAP NetWeaver 2004s you can create quantity conversion types using transaction RSUOM.

The business transaction rules of the conversion are established in the quantity conversion type. The conversion type is a combination of different parameters (conversion factors, source and target units of measure) that determine how the

conversion is performed.

In terms of functionality, quantity conversion is structured similarly to currency translation.

Quantity conversion allows you to convert key figures with units that have different units of measure in the source system into a uniform unit of measure in the BI system when you update them into InfoCubes



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In the previous release of 7.0

In transaction CUNI

in details of singolar unit of measure you can insert conversion for Unit of measure (Utilities/Convert).

It is possible only for unit with a dimension associate and the conversion could be "modified" only from-to units of the same dimension.

For others a conversion could make sense only for a specific single product. In fact in the ERP system in the material maintenance you can set conversion from-to every unit of measure but only for the same material.



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