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Content based receiver determination with Seeburger AS2 adapter

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We are planning to use the Seeburger AS2 adapter on our XI 3.0 installation to post custom XML documents to XI from external business partners. The problem we have is to do the receiver and interface determination based on the xml message type that is submitted. How can we identify what is the name of the root xml node (which is representing the message type that was submitted to us) during the receiver determination and specify conditions for the receiver determination based on this? We can not use the Seeburger Classifier module here as this is only determining the mapping name to be used for an EDI conversion but can not handle any type of XML message.

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Hi Rudy,

You might consider to take a look at

It provides EDI and AS2 connectivity for SAP XI and is recently certified by SAP. More important to your question. It provides content based routing of EDI or XML when using AS2.

Best Regards,

Gordon.<a href=""></a>

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I think the easiest way would still be the ReceiverDetermination and creating an XSD that contains the main important TAGs from the different messages.

That should allow you to test for the existing of certain important TAGs or check the value of some TAGS.

I don´t know about aedaptive-adapters, but I don´t think that they are Drummond-Certified. Check out...

Without this certification, a lot of your partners might not allow you to use this adapter if you wanna make AS2 with them.



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this should be handled by the adapter

In one of our projects we created

a proxy which we used as an adapter

and we could post all message types to it

but in proxy configuration we could add any message

from the XI and document name and the proxy

used a correct document

(you just had to deploy new interface generated from XI)

I don't think there's a way to do what you want

in the receivder determination if I understand you





<a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

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The problem is that the Seeburger AS2 adapter needs 2 parties (one for the sender and one for the receiver) and it is using a virtual receiver for the message being submitted by AS2. I am not clear how we can determine the message type of the XML message we are receiving. Typically for EDI messages this is done by the Seeburger classifier module, but as far as I know we can not use that in this case.

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I don't know seeburges I'm just saying how it looks

like in the XI