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Consumption report standard business content

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Hi all,

I start work on Material consumption report in BW .It is as like R3 standard report MB51 our client wants same report in BW. That report shows the consumption of material on the basic of movement type , material number wise ,plant ,storage location wise sowl of that report is movement type i explain you logic by talking an example

Movement type are : 101,102,121 122

if material coming from vendor then end user enter quantity of that material in 101 movement and quantity becomes + and if user issue that material to another plant then issued quantity becomes in -

material movement type qty







so is there any standard business content through which i full fill the user requirement .

Thanks and regards

Ankit modi

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Answers (3)

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Remember that 0IC_C03 is the infocube for material movements and it have two keyfigures one for inbound and one for outbound materials.....depends on the type of movement are filled first or second one....if is a income material movement the income keyfigure has a value and the other is empty....

In your query you can use the income keyfigure for + and the outbound * -1 and add both the result is what you want...


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Hi Ankit,

If your quantity depends on your material movement type, then you can create a condition in Calculated Keyfig / Formula.

That means as per your situation if the material movement type is 101 then quantity is incoming(+) and if the material movement type is 120 then outgoing(-).This can be done if the material movement type is fixed.

Correct the logic if it is not right.



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Hi Ravikanth ,

Here 513 diffrent types of movement type are used by the client .

so if i write the code for the same it will take to much time is there any standard business content for the same or any cube through which i full fill my requirement

Thanks for reply...