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Consuming an external Web Service that requires User Name, PWD and API KEY

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I am trying to consume an external web service that requires ( for authentication) a user name, password and API Key. The three items were provided by the external system administrator. Now, even though I am able to consume it using SOAP UI tool but when invoking it from SAP I am not able to pass the API Key any where in the the ABAP code or in the logical through  LPConfig or SOAMANAGER  transaction. the API Key is part of the URL (https://address/HRIS/SOAP/Positn?api_key=2a3y4qeubgwpsbacdhg3tgcb).   Kindly Help

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Hi Diabi,

I assume you has Soap() to Soap syncrhonous scenario, hasn't you?

I think you has to use Dinamyc Configuration.

I think it a correct way to solve it.


José Antonio

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Hi Jose,

Let me clarify my question a bit more. The security information is being passed in the header of the soap which is hard coded in the ABAP program before the Proxy call is executed. In the header the username and password are passed. But the API Key is not. The question is where to place the API Key specific to this web service . Here is how it is currently being called from SOAP UIThank you