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Connection from ECC 6.0 to PI 7.1

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Hi All,

Need to establish connection from ECC6.0 to PI 7.1. Could some one tell me how to establish connection?



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U have to first identify, how u want to integrate mainframe file with SAP?

If there are any standard idocs available to integrate mainframe file with SAP then go with Idoc and in case u want to do custom developments then use proxies. So, u have to sit with functional and ABAP team and come up with the option to integrate PI with SAP.

On how to establish connections, just search SDN, u will find lot of blogs for the same.

But having said so, in a normal landscape there will be scenarios where we have to go with both the approaches. So i would suggest you to enable both the communications and as and when scenario comes leverage the already established connections and create ur scenarios.Generally, a PI consultant first perform these set of activities post installation, so there is no harm in doing that.


Amit Srivastava

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Hello Hari,

As told by Vishal, it is purely depend on the type of connection you require:

1. For IDOC Communication:

Create a RFC destination pointing to the source SAP Application system ( in your system it is ECC 6.0 ). Then you have to create a port for the source system using transaction IDX1. Mention the above created RFC destination in the IDX1 port configuration. This is required as XI uses this configuration to read the IDoc metadata from the source system. Once you have done this, your XI system is ready to receive IDocs from the source SAP system.

You can then import the IDoc definition from the source SAP system in XI Integration Repository and build your scenario on it.

2. For PROXY communication:

Create a RFC destination pointing to the source SAP Application system ( in your system it is ECC 6.0 ).

In both the cases you do not require sender adapter configured for the sender side.


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Hi Hari,

It all depends on type of interface which you need to setup between ECC and PI System.

However the first step is to register the system in same landscape which is done by the basis consultant (usually) during installation.



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Hi Hari,

Which connection you are refereeing to ? Connection for Idoc communication  or ABAP PROXY communication ?

For ABAP proxy communication :

For IDOC communication :

SAPTechnical.COM - XI - IDoc to IDoc Scenario



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Hi All,

Thank you so much for your reply.......

All these days business is running on mainframes. Mainframe will send a file(.txt) to SAP by using ftp .bat scrips.Now  biz want to use PI for transferring the files from mainframes to SAP. Could you please tell what type of connection in need establish?.......