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Connection between RSZGLOBV and RSZCOMPDIR

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Hi together,

i'm trying to write a programm to list all used variables and the queries.

The Querie's are stored in the table RSZCOMPDIR and I found the variable 0DAT in the table


I expected to find the connection in table RSZELTXREF where



But there is no such entry. Where's my mistake?

Kind regards


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Answers (3)

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Hi Lars,

The SELTUID - TELTUID reference between query and variable can be only found if the variable is ready for input and directly used in the definition of the corrresponding query. The variable 0DAT is not ready by input and filled by the SAP exit (function). Therefore you cannot find this reference.

Using RSZ_X_WHERE_USED_LIST_GET function will provide you required information about usage of the variable in other query components. But be aware, that this function also does not return all possible objects where the variable can be used. Such objects as InfoPackages, Currency or Unit Translation or Planning objects will not be returned. in BW 7.x there are also additional referenced like variable-variable, variable-reports which are not returned by this function and aslo cannot be found in the RSZELTXREF...



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no need of linking any tables sap has function module which does this..


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I use the table rsrrepdir for a list of queries.

In the table there is not directly the connection to the variable: for example

- a restricted keyfigure.

- In 7.0 there is for column and row a seperate query element.

=> you need also the the table RSZSELECT

=> you must read the table RSZELTXREF recursive.

=> for calculated keyfigure you need also RSZCALC.

=> How many variables do you have? use "Where used list" in the query designer for the variables.

=> think about it !!!

=> in SAP there is everywhere the function "Where used list". So there must be a abap for this searching. SAP have created a function module RSZ_X_WHERE_USED_LIST_GET for reporting.

Input in I_ELTUID the ID from RSZGLOBV.

No problem.