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Connect two ECC with one PI

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Here is the scenario:

PI1 ECC1 on SLD1

PI2 ECC2 on SLD2

How to connect PI1 to ECC2 for transferring IDOC's to and fro? My thought is that we need to create Business System of ECC2 in sld1 and assign it a logical name. Rest will be ussual.

How to connect PI1 to ECC2 for transferring Proxy to and fro? ECC2 is already connected to PI2 through sproxy and sldapicust.

Your thoughts?

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Answers (4)

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Multiple ECC systems can be connected to one PI system. For IDoc data transfer all you need to do is setup the RFC connection details.

ECC1 to have PI system details configured in RFC connections(SM59)

ECC2 to have PI system details configured in RFC connections(SM59)

PI to have ECC1 and ECC2 system details configured in RFC connections(SM59)

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Hi Ashish,

Nabendu suggestion is the best choice but sometimes depending your ECC and PI versions you can have some issues. I usually do the next workaround, i do a sender SOAP in PI and later in the ECC instead of an ABAP proxy, i consume a WS via SOAMANAGER. Evidently, this way is worse in performance, but for testing purposes is a faster way to develop the connectivity and don't implies the basis team in extra configurations.


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Something is unclear.. How many PI systems you have.. in the subject you have mentioned that only one PI system.

Where as in details.. you have specified two PI systems and two ECC systems.

However  if i understand correctly.. You want to know how can you connect two PI systems with one ECC system.

In terms of sproxy -> you can always point to only one system but you should be able to route the messages to different PI system through sxmb_adm settings.

You can define sender/receiver ID's and route the messages to second PI system.

Below blog should give some overview on sxmb_adm settings..

If this is not what you are looking for, please explain a bit more clearly on how many PI systems and how many ECC systems..

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Yes this is possible.