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Configure KM folders for no feedback permission

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We have the following customers needs for KM folders.

- By default, users can't feedback on a document, but they can read documents.

- Some users can read documents and make feedback (and this implies that they can read their previous feedback, that's not a problem).

- Administrators can read/write documents and write/read all feedbacks on a document.

So the problem we are facing now, is how to disable feedback by default, so that basic users can't see the link "Give feedback " on the command menu, and they can't see the feedback on the details screen.

We have configured the service permission for a folder that basic users haven't any service permission (we assume that feedback service is included) in this folders (and no permissions are inherited) or just layout service. But the fact is that the user can read the document (this is OK for us), but they can also feedback this document (that's what we don't want...).

Any idea if it is possible to configure? What's the possible solution?

Thank you very much

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Hi Sergi,

"All users with read permission for an object can create feedback for this object as long as they can see the command for creating feedback on the user interface." (

The only restriction you can do is to restrict the feedback command to be available for certain roles, see "Roles with Visibility" in

Hope it helps


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Almost perfect!

I've implemented your solution and it works fine, users can't give feedback because the Feedback command no longer appears. But when they check document Details, the feedback component is displayed in the details screen, and although the Give feedback is not appering, we would like also the feedback component not to appear... Thereis a similar workaround?

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Dear Sergi,

You need to duplicate the "Commands for the details menu" in the layout set that you use in the iview, and in the command list of it, you need to duplicate the command group DetailsCollaborationGroup and make a new group with the commands that you need.