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Configuration property of 'iViewProcessorService' service is not correct

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Hi Experts,

I am running PDK for .NET 2.5 in a 32 bit Windows 2003 machine. I am getting the following error when I run my iViews.

-->*Configuration property of 'iViewProcessorService' service is not correct,Check the syntax of server nodes, hosts and ports settings.*

In my machine I am having a Central Instance and two dialog instances.

Server0 -- 8163950

Server1-- 8163951

Server2-- 8163952

I have installed PDK for .NET Runtime 2.5 in TCP Port 8050 and its running fine.

In the Service Configuration Editor for iViewProcessor Service under :

1. .NET Runtime Servers Configuration

the entry is----> *=localhost:8050;

2. Portal Servers Configuration

the entry is----> localhost:8051

3. .NET Runtime Failover servers Configuration

the entry is----> *=localhost:8050;

4. Allow Server Affinity

the entry is -

> true

5. Display ASP.NET Stack on ASP.NET Error

the entry is----> true

6. Enable Ja.NET Logging

the entry is----> false

7. Lease Duration (seconds)

the entry is----> 5

8. Request Timeout (milliseconds)

the entry is----> 5000

9. Production Mode

the entry is----> true

I think if I install PDK for .NET Runtime in the machine it will be installed in the Central Instance and also replicated in the dialog instances.

In all the three Properties

.NET Runtime Servers Configuration

Portal Servers Configuration

.NET Runtime Failover servers Configuration

under <ServerNode ID> = HostName:PortNumber;

I tried changing with all the 3 server node Id's and also I changed the Hostname from localhost to my actual server name and the portnumber is 8050 which is the tcp port on which .net runtime communicates with EP.

My EP version is EP 6.0 SP16

But still I am getting the same Issue.

Kindly help me insolving the issue.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Rudra,

As your Portal has 3 nodes your configuration should look like following:

2. Portal Servers Configuration

8163950 -

> localhost:8051

8163951 -

> localhost:8052

8163952 -

> localhost:8053

In addition, it is very recommended to add additional nodes to Portal Runtime for .NET and to configure Portal nodes to communicate with a diffrent Portal Runtime for .NET nodes to increase it's availability.

After changing Portal Runtime for .NET configuration, don't forget to restart iViewProcessorService.