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configuration of JMS adapter Using WebSphereMQ

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Hi All

I am trying Http to JMS scenario.

I configured my JMS adapter as receiver

Trasport protocol: Web sphereMQ JMS provider.

Queue Connection Factory :

Queue Java class :

IP address : I installed Web Sphere MQ

In SXMB_MONI my http client sends msg without any error

But In runtime work bench whn I observe Adapter monitoring I got error as

Receiver channel. Details: MQJMS2005: failed to create MQQueueManager for ''

PLZ ell me d coz


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Answers (4)

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Is QM_APPEL the name of the Queue Manager that you want to connect to? The initial entry when you create a JMS Channel suggests QM_hostname, but the queue manager name can be anything - check with the MQ admin.

Also the Listener on the MQ side can be running on another than the default port 1414 (this is often the case, when you have more than one queue manager configured).

Finally, check the Channel - whether it's a SVRCONN channel, got the name correct and the authority settings (see the answer below).

good luck, regards,


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Some possible reasons could be :

A. You are trying to access the QM and its objects with credentials which are not configured to access the same. An example setting for this could be add the network user on a windows machine to the MQM group on the machine where MQ is.

for e.g. user domain/user1 makes a connection to MQ over network then this user needs to be added to MQM group.

B. Your MQSeries listener program is not running.

Hope this helps.

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Refer these thread :



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for the configuration of a Websphere MQ JMS adapter, you will have to also give details like, Queue Manager Name, channel name, etc.

Just check this link for the same,

Provide all the correect details and it will hopefully work.