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compression of cube data in a process chain

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Hai all,

I have a small question. If collapse or compression of cube data in process chain is included and by mistake if a wrong load was loaded into the cube, the data gets compressed automatically deleting based on requests is not possible anymore. This becomes problem and we can

t really do selective deletion for thousands of records.

So is it a good practise to include the collapsing in process chain or do it manually. Is there any other better practise?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Visu,

You can do the selective deletion after carefully making the selections. It may also be a good idea to break up the delete process: Like if you need to delete 2004 data for one company code, then you can do that montt by month.

It is okay to include the compression in a process chain. What we usually do is to compress requests that are eg. older than 15 days. By that time we can be sure that this data is correct. You can also make these settings by number of requests to leave uncompressed.

Hope this helps...

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As Bhanu suggested, we also have compression set to ONLY compress Request more than two weeks old for the very problems you described.

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