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Comparison between WebDynpro for ABAP vs. WebDynpro for Java ??

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Can someone tell me when should we go for WebDynpro for ABAP and when WebDynpro for Java. Is there any link where SAP recommends the one for the other.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Mukesh,

Both are having its own strengths!! )

I think it all depends on your project requirement and the availabel resources.

If the developer is good in OOPs ABAP then he must go for Web Dynpro ABAP. But if anyone is good in JAVA then that person should go for Web Dynpro JAVA.

*In Short almost all Features supported in webdynpro ABAP are also Possible in webdynpro Java.

1] Webdynpro Java


  • webservice

  • RFC Models

  • Accessing Portal information in Java

  • Easy sending E-mail

  • Strictly follows MVC architecture which seperate Business logic and Process flow.

  • Webdynpro Java is webbased programming model to develop SAP Applications.

  • Easy to learn

  • Easy to integrate in Enter prise portals.

  • Dynanamic Programming

*Easy access to R/3 Via RFC technology (Models)

2] Web Dynpro ABAP

As the name suggests Web Dynpro for ABAP uses exactly the same meta model as its cousin Web Dynpro for Java. A Web Dynpro component, a Web Dynpro view, a Web Dynpro model, a Web Dynpro controller have the same semantics both for ABAP and Java. The main difference is the designtime environment, the development infrastructure and the runtime environment.

The designtime environment is properly embedded in the ABAP Workbench where Web Dynpro artifacts are simply a new category like BSP applications or classical dynpro based applications before. Also no surprises regarding the development infrastructure. The correction and transport system keeps track on all changes that are done, versions them and helps to propagate the Web Dynpro application from development to production like you would do with ordinary BSP or dynpro-based applications.

Last not least the execution platform is the ABAP server that produces application content ready to be integrated in the NetWeaver Portal seamlessly. Features like portal eventing can be used between applications written in ABAP or applications developed with Java.

Hope this helps and solve your Problem



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see <a href="/people/oliver.mayer/blog/2006/06/14/web-dynpro-abap-or-java weblog, and carry out a simple search in this forum, this question has come up several times. See also (note that this comparison is not an official SAP statement).

Regards, Heidi

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This depends on your situation.If most of your business logic is in ABAP , i would suggest WD ABAP as you could use existing code.But if you are going to create a new application which uses some java things , go for WD Java.

So answer to your question depends on your reuirement .



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