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command 'sap.ux.appGenerator.launch' not found


I have this issue

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Sorry to hear you are having issues with the generator. From the error message, it looks like the generator failed to install. This is usually due to permission settings on your machine. In order to resolve this, can you please try the following:

1. Create a folder under your home directory (i.e. /home/user/generators)

2. Open Visual Studio Code->Preferences and enter the full path to the folder in the Application Wizard: Installation Location setting

3. Using the command palette, open the command "Open Template Wizard".

4. Click on the "Explore and Install Generators", and search for "fiori".

5. Install the "@sap/generator-fiori" generator.

6. After this, you should be able to use command "Fiori: Open Application Generator" without any error.

Best regards,


Thank you quiggs1000. It worked for me.