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Combining the @cds.odata.valuelist convenience annotation with "ValueListWithFixedValues"

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Hi SAP Cloud Application Programming Model experts

I am looking for a way to combine the convenience option @cds.odata.valuelist (which produces value helps for managed associations)

With the "@Common.ValueListWithFixedValues" annotation. Expected result is that the managed associations provide a dropdown rather than popup helps.

I was expecting this would work, but it still gives me a popup value help.


@cds.odata.valuelist // To enable the convenience value list creation in FE
entity MyAttribute {
    @Common.ValueListWithFixedValues: true // To make it a dropdown
    key Code: String;
    Description: String;    
entity MyEntity : cuid {
    MyAttribute: Association to Attribute; // Managed association


Thanks in advance!


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Answers (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi carlonnheim,

Please check the sample code for CAP available at the bellow address (session: Additional Features in SAP Fiori Elements for OData V4)

Apparently you are using the annotation at the wrong place. 😉

Best regards,