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Collect and display version info for some forums

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We're currently using BW 3.1, and just a few weeks away from converting to 3.5 (NW 2004), and then not too far down the road, to NW 2004s.

As I review the changes, particularly for NW 2004s, it becomes apparent that a many more answers to forum questions are going to be very different depending the BW version the person posing the question is on.

What's a good way to deal with this? The thought of trying to answer a question 2 or 3 times, for each possible version, certainly is not appealing. And the idea that someone willing to answer a question, first having to post a reply, asking for info on what version the questioner is on, also is ugly. Expectations that the poster will provide the info free form in the post is unlikely to succeed.

Does it makes sense to add radio buttons to the question screen so the questioner can identify the version they are on? Do you collect and store that info on the questioner's business card?

While I raise this issue with respect to BI/BW, I'm sure it might apply to some other forums.

I'm really just sort of formulating this in my own mind as to exactly how/when you might want to implement something like this. Any other suggestions / thoughts?

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Probably we may develop some community guidelines ourselves for subject line, for example:


Obviously, we actually do not need something like "WD" or "EP" prefix, while this is already reflected in forum name.

For example, subject line for post in WebDynpro forum:

NW04SP13:JCO:Connection not closed after "release()"

This approach is typical for mailing lists, and works very well, check any of Apache Jakarta lists (also it doesn't require any changes to existing SDN back-end)

Valery Silaev

EPAM Systems

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I think that would be an easy way to do something. Or if not in the subject line, perhaps SDN could simply provide a signature line that would be stored as part of your business card and added to the beginning or end of any post you make.

It would be an interesting online community experiment - that is, if you could get consensus from a few key forum folks, how quickly could you get the rest of the community to conform?