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Cloud Identity Services - Connectivity plan for 3 tier system landscape

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In order to connect IPS to an on-premise ABAP system we need to setup a dedicated subaccount of the IAS connectivity plan service. As outlined in the following document: 

"You can have two separate Cloud Foundry subaccounts per region: one of them configured for Productive connections and the other for Test connections. While it is allowed to create multiple Cloud Foundry subaccounts per one region and per one type (test or productive), be aware that in this case only the first one where the connectivity plan was enabled will be used by Identity Provisioning."

My question: How can I make this work in a 3-tier system landscape consisting of 1 prod and 2 non-prod environments? We recently purchased an additional SuccessFactors system that will act as a sandbox in addition to the already existing QA/Dev system. The new SuccessFactors system comes with its own IAS/IPS system. It does not appear like the 2nd IPS system is able to connect to the existing connectivity plan subaccount even though it is currently used by the other non-prod system with the same Region, customer ID, and Type (Test))

Is the only way to move the new "sandbox SF" system to a different region?

Edit: After some delays (several days) the 2nd IPS system was able to connect to the existing connectivity plan subaccount. So, it seems like multiple IPS systems can indeed utilize the same connectivity plan providing it's in the same Region, customer ID, and Type (Test).

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