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CLOB to Varchar

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Hello Everyone,

abc.HISTORY is a CLOB object in database. when this object used in webi used to give me an error.

So i used ...

dbms_lob.substr( abc.HISTORY, 8000, 1 ) .This does not work in all reports....

i get the below error

ORA-06502:PL/SQL: numaric or value error : character string buffer too small

reducing the length fixes the error but it breaks the text content.

is there any way i can covert this CLOB to VArchar or any other solution for this?

Thanks a Lot.

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Answers (2)

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hi friend

CLOB(Character large object),it is used to store large blocks of single bite character data in database

that's y change object properties to lang text


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Hi Pali,

In your object properties, try changing the type from character to Long Text. It should parse correctly and without error, and work as you expect it to.

Let me know if it works.