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client copy , HDD space

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I had done client copy recently, by taking export from my production

server and importing the files in development server. the files

generated were of the following size.

-rw-rw-r-- 1 devadm sapsys 15M Jan 8 12:43 RX00016.PRD

-rw-rw-r-- 1 devadm sapsys 1.3G Jan 8 14:44 RT00016.PRD

Client copy was sucessfull earlier, now my problem is I need to perform

the Client Copy again. I am enclosing a file , which shows my disk

space size of my development server and tablespace size .

Only 20 G space is available on my /sapDataFilez partition.

please suggest me whether I can start client copy with this amount of

HDD space , do I need to delete any existing client , will it help me.

Can client overwrite help me if space crunch is there.

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Answers (1)

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Hello Puneet,

Senario 1:

Incase you want to start a client copy on a new client then, YES

you will require more disk space for the new client data to fit in.

For that you either need to add more disk space / delete some unwanted existing client

You can perform a resoucre analysis check choosing the recently imported client to a new client to get an estimate of required disk space. Provided the source client data remanes the same.

Senario 2:

Incase you want to do a client copy on an existing client (that you expoted & imported earlier)

Then you won't require additional disk space, provided that huge data was NOT punched into the source system recently.

You can overwrite the client but, the best way would be do delete the existing target client & Then start client copy on that target client.


Ammey Kesarkar