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Client copy & condition records: Printing from QA system to production

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We have the following problem: When production system is copied to quality assurance system (full system copy / client copy), also the condition records are copied. This means that when e.g. a sales order is printed in QA system, this printout goes to a business printer by default. This is a matter which is definitively annoying to the business.

Is it possible to find an easy way to fix this problem? For example, can the condition records be cleared after the full system copy? Or, is it possible to add word "TEST" on top of the printout if it is printed in QA system? We are looking an easy and simple solution to this.

I tried to find a solution in SAP Printing Guide, but couldn't find any help in there. Do you have any ideas or suggestions where can I find more help? Do you know if there is an SAP Note for this? Is the Message Control (CA-GTF-BS) right place to start the investigating?

Thanks in advance!


Jarmo Tuominen

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After the system copy we go in and lock all printers then clear all the queues. Simpler ways we've not found.

We wrote ABAP programs that lock the printers then deletes the queues thus giving us the chance to clear things up as soon as the copy is done.

Be nice to hear if anyone has a better way.