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CIG Mapping Tool Field Truncation - Character limits?

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We are using CIG with the Sp06 addon connecting Buying and Invoicing to S/4 HANA. I am using the mapping tool for the PaymentExportRequest.

I'm mapping a custom field from the source to the EXTENSIONIN > item > VALUE4 field. I have 5 EXTENSIONIN items added, and am sending the custom field in 240 character substrings due to a limitation found on the S/4 side. However, only 128 characters are coming through on each segment.

I'm wondering if this is a limit on the field itself or if it's a limit with the substring function. The fact that it's 128 characters in particular implies some programmatic limit somewhere in the process.

Is there a way to see properties of fields like this in the mapping tool, or otherwise discern this answer for myself?

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EXTENSIONIN > item > VALUE4 structure will support only 132 Characters.

Recently new feature "TextSplit" has been released in CIG mapping Tool . Please check.